Aberteifi Barn Owl

A barn owl lives in my chimney.  I hear the hissing every night starting around 9.30pm. I decided to see if I could get a shot of it and while setting up a tripod hours before I usually hear them, the owl appeared on the chimney!
You can hear the Archers in the background placing it at 7.05pm.  I managed to get some handheld footage before it disappeared. It then reappeared sometime later after I had fixed the camera to the tripod and went into my chimney for a while before emerging once more to start the night’s hissing…2018-08-07 19.24.15
2018-08-03 21.56.13

Last year I recorded the sound of the owls for World Listening Day, you can hear it here https://freesound.org/s/397907/


Singing the Line into Existence: Carmarthen – Aberystwyth

In 2015 a group of artists created a body of work to support the Trawslink Cymru campaign to reopen the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth railway line.   Over 6 weeks they walked along sections of the old railway line, to dance, film, sing and record, to draw and make site specific art, reconnecting the locations and histories of the line through creative responses to the journey. Sharing stories and songs along the route, the artists developed ideas towards the final destination – a performance presentation in Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth on October 3rd 2015.