Aberteifi Barn Owl

A barn owl lives in my chimney.  I hear the hissing every night starting around 9.30pm. I decided to see if I could get a shot of it and while setting up a tripod hours before I usually hear them, the owl appeared on the chimney!
You can hear the Archers in the background placing it at 7.05pm.  I managed to get some handheld footage before it disappeared. It then reappeared sometime later after I had fixed the camera to the tripod and went into my chimney for a while before emerging once more to start the night’s hissing…2018-08-07 19.24.15
2018-08-03 21.56.13

Last year I recorded the sound of the owls for World Listening Day, you can hear it here https://freesound.org/s/397907/


Gŵyl Tân a Môr Harlech Fire and Sea Festival

Meirion, grandson of Cunedda returns and recovers the magical Harlech Torc. The seventh wave sends the giant Sea Horses (Morfeirch) to battle Meirion and steal the torc. The giants win, but can’t remove the torc. The giants put Meirion under a spell and take him away with them to their underwater domain. They leave for the sea.
The people are sad and make a candlelit shrine to Meirion in the hope of his return with the torc. The mysterious Deuair soothe the night with their music.

Mae Meirion, ŵyr Cunedda yn dychwelyd ac yn adfer Torch hud Harlech. Anfona’r seithfed don y Morfeirch mawr i frwydro yn erbyn Meirion a dwyn y dorch. Y Morfeirch sy’n ennill ond ni allant dynnu’r dorch. Mae’r Morfeirch yn bwrw hud ar Meirion ac yn mynd ag ef gyda nhw i’w cartref dan y môr. Ânt am y môr.
Mae’r bobl yn drist ac yn creu beddrod â chanhwyllau yn ei oleuo i Meirion, yn y gobaith y bydd yn dychwelyd gyda’r dorch. Lleddfa’r Deuair rhyfeddol y noson gyda’u cerddoriaeth.

Micro Macro Aberteifi – Timelapse


In Association with GROW WILD and 4CG (Cymdeithas Cynnal a Cefnogi Cefn Gwlad) we have secured national Lottery funding for our Blooming Wild project!
SOWING WILD FLOWERS in locations around the town and
hitting the town with KNITTED WILD FLOWERS and BEES.

WHAT WE’RE DOING We’re sowing and sewing wildflowers – weekly knitting and growing workshops will create a wonderful townscape for locals, visitors and bees to enjoy.

Pendre Cafe and Gallery is currently hosting the Giant knitted Aberteifi Cardigan and we will be holding creative studios there in the back of the gallery space. Visiting speakers will come and share their knowledge with us and we will hold special whole day sessions.

OUR CHALLENGE is to help young people see that by working together
in the community they can have a direct and positive impact on their environment which is of benefit to themselves and others…
and that they can have fun doing it.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED check in to this page for updates, look in the Tivyside newspaper for weekly workshops, events and parties!

WHO WILL BENEFIT Our various sites around the town will create a feast for the eyes (and for the bees) which will inspire and create a love of wild flowers for all passersby. A great sense of achievement for all participants.

This is an intergenerational project we need you young’uns to give us your energy and ideas, and get your technology out, rummage for your knitting needles, (don’t worry we’ve got lots) and get your wellies on. Knitting, sewing, drawing, photographing, filming…