Gŵyl Tân a Môr Harlech Fire and Sea Festival

Gŵyl Tân a Môr Harlech Fire and Sea Festival October 27th 2018
Part 1 – Procession and Drama


Gŵyl Tân a Môr Harlech Fire and Sea Festival

Meirion, grandson of Cunedda returns and recovers the magical Harlech Torc. The seventh wave sends the giant Sea Horses (Morfeirch) to battle Meirion and steal the torc. The giants win, but can’t remove the torc. The giants put Meirion under a spell and take him away with them to their underwater domain. They leave for the sea.
The people are sad and make a candlelit shrine to Meirion in the hope of his return with the torc. The mysterious Deuair soothe the night with their music.

Mae Meirion, ŵyr Cunedda yn dychwelyd ac yn adfer Torch hud Harlech. Anfona’r seithfed don y Morfeirch mawr i frwydro yn erbyn Meirion a dwyn y dorch. Y Morfeirch sy’n ennill ond ni allant dynnu’r dorch. Mae’r Morfeirch yn bwrw hud ar Meirion ac yn mynd ag ef gyda nhw i’w cartref dan y môr. Ânt am y môr.
Mae’r bobl yn drist ac yn creu beddrod â chanhwyllau yn ei oleuo i Meirion, yn y gobaith y bydd yn dychwelyd gyda’r dorch. Lleddfa’r Deuair rhyfeddol y noson gyda’u cerddoriaeth.

MusicFest Aberystwyth

The spectacular coastline of Cardigan Bay in West Wales is a fine backdrop for this inspirational week. Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s MusicFest is an enticing fusion of Music Festival and Summer School; of experience and learning; of performance and appreciation. The engagement of audience, student, and artist alike creates the unique community atmosphere of MusicFest – ‘refreshing, rewarding and thoroughly inspirational’. http://musicfestaberystwyth.org/

Singing the Line into Existence: Carmarthen – Aberystwyth

In 2015 a group of artists created a body of work to support the Trawslink Cymru campaign to reopen the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth railway line.   Over 6 weeks they walked along sections of the old railway line, to dance, film, sing and record, to draw and make site specific art, reconnecting the locations and histories of the line through creative responses to the journey. Sharing stories and songs along the route, the artists developed ideas towards the final destination – a performance presentation in Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth on October 3rd 2015.