Blodau’r Draen/The Talking Tree

Where the Water keeps no Secrets
A story of the ageless human relationship with the Ceredigion hills, through film, folk tale, poetry, music, storytelling, song, projections, objects, live music, illustration and photography.
A view through the looking glass backwards towards tomorrow.

Ffilm/ Film: Jacob Whittaker
Storiwr/Storyteller: Peter Stevenson
Ffidl a Llais/Fiddle & Voice: Elsa Davies
Telyn a Llais/Harp & Voice: Ceri Owen-Jones
Viol a Llais/ Viol & Voice: Ailsa Mair Hughes.

Commissioned by Duress / Aberystwyth University and filmed in the Ceredigion uplands around the source of the river Teifi, the Talking Tree exists both as a 20 minute film and as a 1 hour performance, combining live music, film & storytelling.

Please get in touch for more information and for screening and bookings.

The Crow and the Canary – The fairytale of Myra Evans and Dylan Thomas – Miracles of Fishes

The Crow and the Canary is full length show of stories told by Peter Stevenson and live music by Elsa Davies and Ceri Owen-Jones.

Plant Rhys Ddwfn

‘Mae chwedl yn Nyfed, fod rhyw gymmydogaeth anwledig,
neu yn hytrach, wedi bod rhwng Cemmaes ac Aberdaron.
Pen cenedl y preswylwyr oedd Rhys Ddwfn; a gwledig ei
hiliogaeth yn Blant Rhys Ddwfn’
Gwynionydd; Y Brython, Awst 20 1858

‘There is a tale current in Dyfed, that there is, or rather that
there has been, a country between Cemmaes, the northern
Hundred of Pembrokeshire, and Aberdaron in Lleyn.
The chief patriarch of the inhabitants was Rhys Ddwfn,
and his descendants used to be called after him the
Children of Rhys Ddwfn.’
from Sir John Rhys ‘Celtic folklore, Welsh & Manx’ 1901.

Jacob Whittaker, camera
Peter Stevenson, storiwr/storyteller

‘Trawsfud Fenws’ / ‘Transit of Venus’ o/from ‘Medlar Pear’
gan/by Cerddcegin

Produced for Cymerau and Hydrocitizens